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Craftex Caustic Soda Pearl

-professional oven and cooker cleaner

-it will remove most types of carbon burns

-suitable for commercial and domestic jobs

-100% concentrated caustic soda powder

-highly efficient and very fast acting product


Craftex Caustic Soda Pearl - Where to use

This highly active oven cleaning powder can be used for removing carbon build ups and most types of grease from ovens, cooking surfaces, grills, etc. This product is not suitable for use on aluminium, zinc, tin or galvanised surfaces. It will react with the carbon burns and it will soften up. This product is granulate powder and it needs to be applied over wet surfaces. Suitable for deep cleaning commercial kitchens and any other areas with carbon build ups or hard grease.


Craftex Caustic Soda Pearl - How to use

This oven cleaning powder can be mixed up with water to create a cream and then it can be applied over carbon build ups or grease. It will require a bit of time to fully remove the build up and sometimes two cleaning operations might be required. You can also spray hot water over the area that you need treated and then sprinkle some of the Craftex Caustic Soda Pearl over it. The product will react instantly with the carbon but it will require time to work.This is a highly active oven cleaning product and you will need to protect yourself from direct contact with the product. Wear a pair of thick gloves and keep it away from your eyes.


Craftex Caustic Soda Pearl is a professional oven cleaning product with immense cleaning power. It burns and it is pretty toxic. To be used by qualified people only or professional kitchen cleaning companies.


Craftex Caustic Soda Pearl - professional results for less!

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