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Diafil Diamond Polishing Pads 42 cm|17 Inch

Diafil Abralux Diamond Polishing Pads | 42 Cm / 17”

  • Professional diamond grinding, polishing & maintenance pads

  • Suitable for grinding & polishing concrete, terrazzo and marble

  • Outstanding durability and unequalled results, produced in Italy

  • 30, 60, 120 , 220, 400, 600, 800, 1800, 3500, 5000 & 12 000

  • Compatible with all 17” low speed and high speed floor buffers

  • Can be used on wet and dry, suitable for heavy duty polishing

  • Cost effective, very long lasting and easy to achieve to gloss

  • Diafil Abralux is the best diamond polishing pad available in the EU

Diafil Abralux Diamond Polishing Pads | 42 Cm / 17” - Where to use

Diafil Abralux Diamond Polishing Pads can be used on all natural stone floors like marble, travertine, limestone & concrete floors. Depending on the grit, some of the pads are suitable for heavy duty residue, glue, sealant removal, others are suitable for removing scratches and dull patches while the finest pads are suitable for enhancing gloss and maintaining glossy surfaces.

Grit 30 to 400 - heavy duty sealant, scratch, imperfections removal. Use on wet only

Grit 600 to 800 - heavy duty scratch removal & dull patches repair. Use on wet only

Grit 1800 to 12000 - high speed polishing / gloss enhancing. Use on wet or dry

Diafil Abralux Diamond Polishing Pads are suitable for heavy duty commercial floor cleaning & polishing but can be used by the domestic market as well. The 5000 to 12000 grit pads are amazing for polishing natural stone floors.

Diafil Abralux Diamond Polishing Pads | 42 Cm / 17”  - How to use

If you are planning to remove old sealers, scratches & residue from natural stone floors or concrete floors, you will need a low speed floor buffer. The pads are compatible with all 17 Inch or 42 Cm floor scrubbers/buffers. Very poor quality floors can be scrubbed with 30 to 220 pads to prepare the surface. Floors in average condition can be scrubbed with 400 to 800 grit diamond pads, while floors in good shape can be scrubbed with 1800 grit pad. Scrubbing, residue & scratch removal has to be done “wet”. Use warm water to scrub the floor. Spend about 30 seconds on each tile. Remove the fine white cream generated in the process of scrubbing to avoid filling up the diamond pad with residue. 

For polishing and maintaining natural stone floors & concrete, you can use any diamond pad starting from 1800 grit up to 12 000 grit. The 12 000 grit should be used for achieving spectacular gloss and for daily maintenance. While the 1800 grit pad can be used wet and dry, the 3500 grit pads and up have to be used on dry only. Use a high speed floor buffer (400 RPM +) to achieve the best results.

Diafil Abralux Diamond Polishing Pads | 42 Cm / 17

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