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 -one of the most natural looking floor varnish

-it is suitable for high to very high traffic areas

-it can be applied over new or newly sanded floors

-it can be applied with ease and it doesn`t need primer

-at least two coats required for long lasting results

-this varnish is a great alternative to classic waxes

-this varnish has a great resistance to chemicals

-this varnish will leave the wood surface 100% natural


Tover Uniqua SQ Nature Water Based Varnish – Where to use

Tover Uniqua SQ Nature is one of the very few water based invisible floor varnishes. This floor varnish will provide the same results like oiling or waxing but without needing any regular maintenance. Two coats of Tover Essenza should be enough to provide full protection for a few years on a high traffic floor area. Suitable for varnishing prestigious floors, rare woods and any other type of hardwood or semi solid wood floor. Tover Uniqua SQ Nature will allow recoating after only 1 hour and 1 L of varnish should cover up to 14 square meter of raw wood. Second coat should cover 20% extra. This superb quality varnish can be applied over oil based wood stains. If you are looking for a natural finish on your floor, try Tover Uniqua SQ Nature Invisible Water Based Floor Varnish.



Tover Uniqua SQ Nature Invisible Water Based Floor Varnish – How to use

Even if the floor is brand new, you will still have to sand it lightly. If you plan to refinish an old floor, please remove all the existing finishes, do all the repairs and make sure that the wood is dry and dust free. Apply 1 coat of varnish with a roller or a special varnish applicator. If the room is well ventilated, the varnish will dry in full within 1 hour. You will notice that even if the floor hasn't changed at all, it is actually water proof. After the first coat, the floor needs to be re-sanded one more time to remove all the small spikes that got hard in contact with the varnish. Use 150 to 180 grit sand paper and a 200 RPM buffer for big areas or you can give it a good manual sanding if the small is small enough. Vacuum the whole area and prepare for the second coat. Two coats should be enough. The varnish comes in a 5 L bottle. 


***Bear in mind, this varnish is not visible. After two coats are done, your floor will look like it was not touched at all. Your floor is fully protected and it will last for many years but it looks like raw wood. You can't achieve more natural look than this***


Tover Uniqua SQ Nature Invisible Water Based Floor Varnish is the result of over 100 years of research at Tover factory. Even if this product costs a bit more than other varnishes, it will provide superb results with only two coats instead of three.


Tover Uniqua SQ Nature Invisible Water Based Floor Varnish – 100 years of technology at your disposal!

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