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-heavy duty stainless steel floor scraper from Ettore

-suitable for paint, glue & general residue scraping

-manufactured from heavy duty steel components

-easy replaceable stainless steel blade (double edge)

-compatible with most types of wood/steel handles

-the ergonomic handle ensure great grip even when wet

-4” blade & includes protective safety yellow blade guard

Getting Rid Of Gunk With The Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper

Issues like paint overspray, old adhesives that are spotting sections of the floor and need to be got rid of, cement residue for those buildings where there have been recently been construction and renovation works- these call for a powerful tool to remove them from the affected area. You don’t want to find yourself hunched over a floor, sweating it out for an entire day with ineffective tools. Ordinary scrubbing gear will take ages to break through the grime, and you don’t want your operations to grind to a halt as you attend to these sections. For high performance, turn to the Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper.

Fast and effective scraping 

The reversible blade design enables you to handle that problematic stuck-on residue with ease. The blades used with the Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper have both dull and sharp sides. Each side has its target purpose. For instance, the dull edge is ideal for removing stucco and cement, while the sharp razor edge will be suited for substances like tape, stickers, paint and chewing gum that is on the surfaces being worked on. Its design aids in making the process more effective. Take the angled head for instance. This allows you to work on those tight corners, removing the build-up of grime from the region. The Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper is also available in 4-inch and 6-inch heads, allowing you to work on large sections with each stroke that you make. 

The Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper has multiple applications. For instance, if you want to lay a new flooring, any residue that is on the surface should first be removed. This is to prevent it from causing unevenness. From mortar particles, to cases of carpet glue and paint- these all need to be got rid of for the resurfacing to be successful. The Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper also comes in handy when removing the stubborn grease build-ups in industrial and commercial environments. Instead of being hunched over the floor for hours scrubbing at the spot, simply use the Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper to separate the grime build from the surface, which will speed up your cleaning process. This unit is also commonly used to remove the old carpets or underly that have been glued to the subfloor. Even in cases where you want to get rid of carpet staples that are on the hardwood and plywood floors, you can use the blade of the Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper to shear them right off, and pull others out, instead of having to individually remove each staple with pliers, as this would take up loads of time. Even floor installations get to benefit from the power of this unit. For instance, it can be used to remove the thinset mortar residue that remains behind after tiles have been removed. That way, you get to prepare the surface to be smooth and clear for the new flooring that will be installed. 

The scraper can also be used for odd jobs around the home. For instance, in case there are weeds that have begun to grow between the paving stones, they can be loosened with a floor scraper. Do you have a pigeon loft or a chicken coop? The scraper will come in handy to remove that caked-on manure. Are you repairing your floors, and need to scrape out some old adhesive that is on the spaces which are in between the boards of the sections being worked on? That’s right up the alley of the Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper. As such, the versatility of the unit gives you more bang for your buck, a benefit that is further bolstered by the affordable price of the product. 

A smoother working process

Working with the floor scraper is easy and straightforward. Locate the gunk, run the scraper along the floor on that section with some force, and it will separate the material from the floor. Its recommended that you work with an angle, like holding the Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper at around 15-30° to the ground. 

The rubber grip of the handle gives you more control as you use the scraper. That way, you can work with confidence, not having to worry about the scraper slipping out of your hold as you carry on with the task. The handle itself is long, coming in at 48 inches. That way, you get to avoid cases of back strain that would have resulted due to bending over too far for extended periods. This also makes it easier to scrape, focusing your energy on the grime itself. 

Durable and long-lasting

True to its name, the scraper is a heavy-duty unit. This categorisation means that the scraper has been designed for tough tasks, where it can withstand prolonged usage, and comes with higher resistance to conditions like weathering compared to the standard scrapers. This also makes it more adept to tackling stubborn materials compared to the conventional units. As such, with the Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper, you have a product that will serve you for longer, as opposed to just a couple of occasions, giving you more value for the amount that went into purchasing it.

The manufacturer of the Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper also places a huge emphasis on safety. After all, blades can lead to severe injuries unless the proper safety measures are put in place. In this regard, the Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper comes with a protective blade guard. It quickly snaps firmly into place. This will ensure that the blade will be out of reach, making it safer for the rest of the persons on the premises. This also aids in protecting the blade itself from unnecessary wear that is caused by environmental effects. After you're done using and cleaning the Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper, snap the cover back into place. For storage, be keen to keep it out of the reach of children. 

Getting Rid Of Gunk With The Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper

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