www.cleanfast.ie is an Irish owned, Dublin based company selling cleaning products and cleaning equipment to commercial and domestic customers. We have a wealth of experience and expertise in the cleaning industry. Over the years we have discovered that many businesses and people waste so much time and money using the wrong cleaning products.

This has led us to develop cleanfast.ie. In the past decade we have tried and tested huge amounts of cleaning products, we know what they do, when and where they should be used and how to get the best out of them to ensure maximum cost and time efficiency. We can pass this knowledge onto our customers. We have a young, energetic, highly motivated team who know the products and will be happy to advise you about them. cleanfast.ie is not just another company supplying cleaning products & cleaning equipment.

Our aim is to teach you how to properly mix and use cleaning products more efficiently to make them last longer, clean better and in doing so save you money. Many people spend way too much on cleaning products for the simple reason that they do not follow the proper mixing ratio or they use wrong cleaning products for the wrong jobs.

www.cleanfast.ie will help you reduce your cleaning products bill by over 30%. We know what works where and there is no need to use strong cleaning products for daily cleaning. Email us at cleanfastdublin@yahoo.ie and tell us what you clean and we will recommend the best cleaning product for that particular job. All training is free of charge.

Evans Versatile – general hard surface cleaner – 5 litres of this product when diluted (as per instructions) should give you 500 spray bottles for tough cleaning or 1000 spray bottles for daily cleaning. It costs about 8€ with VAT included so if you mix it right it should cost you 0.010 to 0.016 cents per bottle! This cleaning product can be used for all types of cleaning jobs and even if it is cheap it is very efficient. We will show your staff how to mix it and how to use it for best results.

Evans Clean & Shine – many commercial and domestic properties wash their floors with wrong cleaning products. By doing this you will reduce the life expectancy of your floor and you will just waste your money. Evans Clean & Shine is a low PH floor cleaner highly recommended for most types of polished floors. It cleans, protects & enhances the look of your floors. It costs under 10€ and it should last for a long time. Many floor producers will recommend very expensive cleaning products that will do the same job but it will cost up to 5 times more. We will show you how to wash your floor and how often to buff your floor to keep it nice and shiny for years. Knowledge will save you money

We have hundred of high quality cleaning products for all industries. It is not important how much you pay for a product if you know how to mix it and how to use it. This is what we do. Drop around our office and we will be glad to help you out.

Floor pads – using the wrong floor pad to buff your floors will end up costing you big money in the long run. Floor pads are available in different colours and textures and they are each designed for a specific job. Using the wrong pad for the wrong floor will remove or damage the finish on your floors. Call Clean Fast today and we will help you out. We have hundreds of floor pads for all kinds of floors.

We deal with both commercial & domestic customers.
Here is what we can do for you:

  • Train you on how to avoid over using cleaning products
  • Advise you on the right cleaning product for the right job
  • Sell you quality cleaning products & equipment at affordable costs

Mail: cleanfastdublin@yahoo.ie, Web: www.cleanfast.ie, Tel: 1850 840 111 (low call)